Happy Easter Drawings

These Easter Drawings are delightfully adorable and ideal for your Easter activity and celebration. The Easter occasion is always a super exciting time for youngsters, and what better approach to redirect their excitement toward the Easter Drawings?

Easter Drawings

These Drawings of Easter can be adjusted for any essential classroom or doing at home with some simple materials. You will require white paper, fine dark markers, erasers, pencils or Sharpie pens, and watercolor paints. I prescribe art paper implied for Easter Drawings because it can deal with the water and paint and shouldn’t tear the paper.

Easter Drawings

1. Easter Bunny Drawing

First, We came up with the Easter bunny Drawing. I take things slow and describe each step and give every guidance for Drawing. Give you plenty of time to follow and understand it. You will have the most success if you practice these lesson and take as much time as is needed.

Easter Bunny Drawing

1. Place a vast white bit of art paper in picture orientation. Beginning in the upper part of the page draw a circle for the head. Include two dark dots for eyes. Draw a little heart shape in the middle for the nose and a forward and in reverse ‘J’ shape towards down from the nose as the mouth. Add three bristles coming off of both sides of the face, leaving space for painting on cheeks later.

2. For one ear, draw two bent lines going up from the head. For the other ear, draw a curve from the head up to the left. Draw a line from the left point to the right and a line up from the head to connect.

3. At the base of the page, draw two arches from the middle going out towards the sides for the paws. Draw two lines on the end of each paw for the toes.

4. Sketch two curved down from under the head on each side interfacing with the paws for the body. Draw two small curved lines down from under the head on each side associating with body halfway down for the arms.

How To Draw A Easter Bunny

We are going to share a video for how to draw an Easter bunny. In the given below video, we have described each and everything step by step. If you follow these steps, you will get the exact result.

Draw A Bunny Rabbit for Easter

2. Easter Egg Drawing

For the Easter Egg drawing, You have to be creative in detail. I suggest you draw your own details from a few ideas which are shown below. Draw an egg with ribbon, You can also draw an egg inside fancy art. I will give you a chance to pick the example from the bottom and draw some beautiful Easter egg. You can choose polka spots, stripes, and crisscrosses would look awesome!

Easter Egg Drawing

Take a large art paper of white color in portrait orientation. Starting from the top of the page draw a large size oval shape. Draw a small heart shape in the center. Design stars and different shapes inside the oval to fill it. Now, It’s time to give your image a beautiful look with the paint color.

How To Draw A Easter Egg

How To Draw Egg Faces

Easter Egg will give you fun moments each year. So, we have decided to share some trendy Easter egg faces. These Egg Faces will give you so much reason to laugh and joy. You can also use it for the Easter decoration when you organize an Easter party. Here is the tutorial for you, how to draw egg faces!

3. Easter Basket Drawing

Easter Basket is the major symbol of Easter. On the Easter day, kids take part in the painting competition and love to draw an Easter Basket. So, here is the method of Easter basket drawing.

Easter Basket Drawing

Take a pencil and white art paper and draw a rectangular shape at the bottom of the page. Give a very little space and draw another line below the top line of the rectangle. Make a curve arch from the left node of the rectangle to the right node. Draw another curve with little space as you do before. Use a fine point black marker or Sharpie pen to trace all the lines of your Easter basket drawing. Erase the pencil lines with a good white eraser.

I used watercolor paints to enhance the look of the drawings. If you know, how to make proper brush strokes with a paintbrush then you should go for it.

How To Draw An Easter Basket

4. Easter Religious Drawing

Grab the dark markers, art paper, and oil pastels. Today, we’re learning how to draw an Easter religious drawing!

Easter Religious Drawing

First, you have to think about what kind of picture you draw for the religious theme? It may be an Angel, Jesus Poster, Church of Christ, Cross Sign and more.

Here, we shared some videos of Easter religious drawing. You can follow these steps and practice for that as much as you can. You will get the best result for Easter drawings in the Easter competition.

Not sure but definitely, you have learned something new here. If you like this “Easter Drawings” article then you should visit the Easter Coloring Pages. Cheers!