Easter Songs

Easter can celebrate in so many ways and the songs are the ethical gesture, both classic and new. You can share those Easter rhymes with your children to sing for the Easter day. Today, I’m adding Christian Easter songs, contemporary Easter songs, Easter songs for church, Easter worship songs and rhymes in this article. So let’s begin it.

Christian Easter Songs

When you celebrate the resurrection during the Easter season with hymns and songs, it should be lyrically perfect for crucifixion. It is a time to reflect on many aspects of your Christian walk. I pray that these hymns and songs for Christians will bring the holy spirit in your heart.

Christian Easter Songs

Here is the playlist of Christian Easter songs for all of you!

Easter Songs for Kids

Everyone loves music and why not get into the groove this Easter with some fun and cute songs for your kids. They’ll have fun and you will have the memories. It’s like a two for one sale here so come and get some precious memories for the photo album.

Easter Songs For Kids

1) Hippity, Hoppity Easter Bunny

The Hippity Hoppity Easter Bunny is coming straight at me, (create a bunny by making a fist and raising two fingers)

Closer and closer he hops up on my knee, (place bunny on one knee)

Up to my shoulder the Bunny’s much too near, (hop bunny to one shoulder)

Happy Easter, he whispers in my ear. (Pretend to whisper in the ear)

2) See the Easter Bunny

(Sung to: Here We Go Round the Mulberry Bush)

See how the bunny hops along, hops along, hops along, (children crouch and hop)

See how the bunny hops along,

On an Easter morning.

This is the way he wiggles his nose, wiggles his nose, wiggles his nose (children wiggle nose)

This is the way he wiggles his nose,

On an Easter morning.

This is the way he flops his ears, etc.

This is the way he wiggles his tail, etc.

3) Bunny Pokey

(Sung to Hokey Pokey)

You put your bunny ears in, (place hands on head to make ears)

You put your bunny ears out,

And you shake them all about.

You do the Bunny Pokey,

And you hop yourself around,

That’s what it’s all about!

4) I Am A Little Bunny

Little Bunny Easter Song

5) If You Like The Easter Bunny

Easter Bunny Songs

Easter Worship Songs

There are several DVDs you can buy, but I’m just mentioning free resources here. You can easily buy the CDs from the shop nearby you. Well, I’ve found Easter worship songs online for teachers and parents. These songs are very helpful if you’re a preschooler or parent supplementing your child’s learning at home. In fact, they’re lots of fun for grandparents and anyone who enjoys spending time with a special child for spiritual spirits.

Easter Worship Songs

Easter Songs for Church

For the people that are a bit more religious here are a few songs for you guys that will find more suited to your taste. Here are a few songs that will definitely fall under the Easter songs for church category. So you can even say these are the more Christian Easter songs for the people out there.

Easter Songs For Church

  1. Because He Lives (Amen) (Matt Maher)
  2. How Can It Be (Lauren Daigle)
  3. This Is Amazing Grace (Phil Wickham)
  4. Forever (Kari Jobe)
  5. At The Cross (Love Ran Red) (Chris Tomlin)
  6. Cornerstone (Hillsong Live)

Contemporary Easter Songs

Now we are going to list even more Easter rhymes that will surely be more worth listing to and yes these are for adults so don’t worry, this right here is pure quality Easter music.

Contemporary Easter Songs
  1. Break Every Chain (Tasha Cobbs)
  2. Worthy Is The Lamb (Hillsong Church)
  3. Jesus Only Jesus (Matt Redman)
  4. I Will Boast (Chris Tomlin)
  5. How Deep The Father’s Love For Us (Stuart Townend)
  6. Forever Reign (Passion Band)
  7. Risen (Covenant Worship)
  8. Christ Is Risen (Matt Maher)
  9. At The Cross (Hillsong Church)
  10. Our God Saves (Paul Baloche)
  11. How Marvelous (I Stand Amazed) (Passion Band)
  12. I Will Rise (Chris Tomlin)

Best Easter Songs

Now since we have been suggesting you guys some great songs for Easter but we really didn’t list the famous rhymes or rather the Best Easter songs. So, since we have been doing a lot of stuff relating to Easter, so…why not give you guys the internet’s best picks for the best Easter rhymes we feel that you should hear at least once if you and your family celebrate this eve.

Best Easter Songs
  1. I Will Rise by Chris Tomlin.
  2. Redeemer by Nicole C. Mullen.
  3. In Christ Alone by Natalie Gant.
  4. Were you there by Selah.
  5. Jesus Died My Soul to Save, by Pocket Full of Rocks.

So the following were a few select picks from the countless choices found online. We hope that these were helpful to anyone that came here for any recommendations and we would love to hear your opinions on any of the songs that we’ve suggested. well, we have also shared Easter Puns for all of you. So, don’t forget to read it. Happy Easter!