Pentecost Sunday

Pentecost Facts

Pentecost Day is known as “Whitsun“, “White Sunday“, “Whitsunday” or “Pentecost Sunday“. This holy day is well known as “Pfingsten” in Germany. It is a moveable feast that is depended on the date of Easter festival. While In Jewish tradition the fiftieth day was known as the Festival of Weeks. “Feast of Weeks” was celebrated for the day after seven full weeks following the first harvest of grain. During the Pentecost, Jews were visiting as pilgrims to Jerusalem from all over the world. It was similar to the “every nation under heaven”.

Pentecost Facts Catholic
At Pentecost, the disciples received the gift of the Holy Spirit.

Pentecost Meaning

Pentecost is a word of the Greek language. The meaning of that word is “fiftieth”. In a rabbinic tradition, it means “feast of weeks” or “the feast of 50 days”.

Pentecost Definition

The definition of Pentecost is that the Christian festival which is celebrated after the fiftieth day of Easter Sunday. According to Christian’s tradition, this festival represents the birth of the early Church. While Pentecost day is also known as the Jewish festival of Shavuot.

Pentecost Story

The day of the celebration of Pentecost came and Jesus’ companions went to a similar room where they had the last meal with Jesus. The twelve were gathered and furthermore united with different disciples of Jesus. All of a sudden there was a noise that seemed like a rushing wind. Every disciple of Jesus was loaded up with the Holy Spirit, the special blessing Jesus had promised them. They began to talk in various languages they didn’t know previously.

In Jerusalem, there were so many people who came from different localities. They speak different languages as well. So Christ’s devotees went to the upper room and told them about Jesus. Everyone could understand what they were stating regardless of what language they talked. The Holy Spirit made them fearless and brave to inform individuals regarding Jesus.

In a very short period of time, devotees went all over Jerusalem and then to every corner of the earth preaching individuals about Jesus.

Pentecost Story

I want to include some traditional events into the Pentecost story. Here are three miraculous events that happened on the beginning just before Passover in A.D.66.

  1. God relinquished the Temple and surrendered it to annihilation by the Romans – (War, VI.290).
  2. The eastern gate of the internal court at the 6th hour of the night the extraordinary light of the Shekinah glory was lit up and “taken up” – (War, VI.293-295).
  3. The priests on entering the internal court of the Temple at dusk, they initially became aware of a commotion and a peal of thunder, and after that, the voice of an extraordinary multitude saying ‘We are leaving hence” (War, VI,299).

Pentecost In The Bible

There is a significance to Pentecost that is exceedingly important in the history of the Christian tradition, whether they lived in the Old or New Testament periods. Whit Sunday is a celebration that has a specific enthusiasm for respect to the origins of Christianity.

In the Bible, this holy day is mentioned with three particular titles:

  1. The feast of harvest (firstfruits).
  2. The feast of weeks.
  3. The day of Pentecost.

Jewish tradition asserts, that people were gathered around Mount Sinai to get the Ten Commandments and different laws upon the arrival of Pentecost. This is the point at which the Old Testament church (Acts 7:38) had its start. Likewise, the congregation which Christ raised up just after His resurrection was born on the same day (Acts 2:1). These were not coincidental occurrences.

It might come as a surprise to understand that the open service of Jesus started also on Pentecost (Luke 4:16). Additionally, Pentecost is used to describing the beginning of the Christian Gospel in Galatia (Acts 13:14) and on the Europe continent (Acts 16:13).

Christ’s proclaiming in Galilee it was the finish of the old method for taking a gander at the law. With Pentecost some fifty days after Christ’s resurrection, it was the end of the Old Covenant agreement for the individuals who acknowledged the call of Christianity. There is a divine significance associated with the Pentecost day which is very instructive for the students of the Bible.

Pentecost Catholic

Pentecost is a Jewish occasion, which the Jews use to praise the end of Passover. Jews commend the gift of the law to Moses at Mt. Sinai on this day. While the Catholics celebrate the early birth of the Church on the day of Pentecost.

At Whitsunday, the Apostles and their disciples were gathered in a room. The Holy Spirit invaded upon these people. Hence, they started preaching about Jesus’ messages to others in their languages. Around three thousand people were baptized that day. Those individuals were among the first Catholics, and Peter is the first ever pope of the Catholic Church.

Pentecost Catholic
The Catholics celebrate the early birth of the Church on the day of Pentecost.

Pentecost 2019

During the Whitsun, People keep closed their shops. Principals do announce holiday for the Schools. It is a day of celebration. It is a moveable feast. So, the Pentecost 2019 date is depended on the day of the resurrection. This year, Pentecost day will be observed on June 9th, 2019 after the Easter Sunday (April 21st).

What Is Pentecost Sunday?

There were a few celebrations, festivities, or observances that occurred before Pentecost. There was Passover, there was Unleavened Bread, and there was the Feast of Firstfruits. Nowadays, It is celebrated for the commemorates the descent of the Holy Spirit upon the devotees of Jesus.

What is Pentecost Sunday
The early birth of the Church

Pentecost in the season of the Apostles was celebrating a grand harvest festival. The city of Jerusalem was clogged up with enormous pilgrims who had originated from each purpose of the compass to praise the decency of God and the acquiring of the wheat harvest.

What Happened At Pentecost?

Basically, the Acts’ verses show the truth of this holy day. These verses reveal the story of what happened on the day of Pentecost! The record in Act 2 reports that after Jesus ascended into paradise, Jesus’ followers were gathered for the Feast of Harvest at the day of Whitsun. Suddenly the Holy Spirit “filled the entire house where they were sitting” (Acts 2:2). “Every one of them was loaded up with the Holy Spirit and started to talk in different languages as the Spirit empowered them” (Acts 2:4).

Why Is Pentecost Important?

The significance of Pentecost indicates the holy spirit while they were in Jerusalem celebrating the Feast of Weeks. As indicated by the Old Testament, you have to celebrate the day of the festival of Firstfruits. After that, you would make a count of 50 days. The fiftieth day would be the Day of Pentecost.

According to the New Testament, Christians don’t celebrate the harvest festival, they observe whit Sunday as a holiday. The true answer to the question, why is Pentecost important to the Catholic church? We celebrate this important day for the holy spirit. As we have already mentioned the significance of Pentecost that reveals in the above Acts verses.

Why is Pentecost important to the Church
Why is Pentecost important to Christians?

When Was The First Pentecost Celebrated?

According to Act 1:5, the first Pentecost was celebrated by the Twelve Apostles. While Psalm 16 indicates that first Pentecost was celebrated at the start of the Messianic Age. Approximately one hundred and twenty followers of Christ was celebrated the first Pentecost Sunday.

According to the Judaism Tradition, White Sunday was celebrated as the feast of Harvest which was also known as Shavuot. This festival was celebrated seven weeks and one day after the first Sabbath of the Feast of Unleavened Bread.

How Is Pentecost Celebrated?

The symbols of Pentecost are the flame, wind, and the pigeon, which speaks to the Holy Spirit. The shade of Whitsun is red and priests also wear the red vestments on this day. Parishioners are also welcome to wear similar red on this day like a priest to celebrate Pentecost. The theme of the church decoration is red. The decoration is very similar to the birthday occasion. People take part in church services. During the celebration of Whitsunday, some very Special prayers are often said just for Pentecost.

How is Pentecost Celebrated?
At the day of Whitsun, Pope Francis celebrated the Pentecost ceremony!